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Purpose Driven Strategy!

We help purpose-driven organizations assess where they are and where they want to go
Do you have a purpose driven strategy that:
  • Keeps you relevant in our agile world.

  • Builds trust with your stakeholders.

  • Motivates your employees & customers?

  • Broadens your organization's impact?

Is the F.E.A.T assessment is right for you?
  • Validated automated maturity assessment 

  • Based on your current & desired levels of performance 

  • Compare/benchmark results by department, level, organization, year taken

Maturity Levels

Agile Strategy Manager: Maturity Stages

Emerging/task oriented: Purpose driven strategy is not fully formed in leadership. Separate from organization along with processes and business practices.
Managed: Established, repeatable, and utilized processes, but not deployed uniformly throughout the organization.
Integrated: All core driven activities understood organization wide, consistent engagement through processes and systems.
Optimized: Ongoing agile responsive refinement process and systems throughout the Strategy Execution cycle.

Maturity Dimensions


Formulate: Method to gather, synthesize & manage vital information for developing org. & dept. plans & actions.
Enable: Degree to which the organization shares, coordinates, and cascades strategic plans & actions.
Account: Degree to which metrics, process indicators, tactics & measures are used to drive to desired results. 
Transform: How well the strategy, metrics and tactics are deployed, managed & refined: real-time.

Combining Strategy and Purpose

  • Are your Org. Strategies linked to greater purpose?

  • Do your stakeholders actively participate and support your purpose driven strategies?

  • Are you driving toward and getting the results you want from your strategic plan and from your employees?

Maturity Questionnaire Results

  • Ongoing adaptation/realignment to the changing landscape

  • Cross-dept. objectives, actions & metrics managed real time

  • Variances lead to ongoing plan & activity discussion/refinement

  • Data & outcome driven team buy-in & ownership

  • Progress to plan is regularly measured & reported

  • Metric variances lead to real-time discussion/refinement of dept. plans, budgets & actions

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